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Aug 23, 2002

On Tuesday while I was busy writing about a 1963 musical, Greg was busy meeting Harriet Harris. She is an excellent actress who happens to be from Texas and seemed interested to learn about Tex in the City. Further, she was pleased to learn that she was even listed on our company’s website. These Texans are everywhere and we have great potential. I just wish we had capital in the form of millions that could set this fast rolling ball down the path of success.Why can’t I be one of those women who marry for money? Why did my parents have to be so poor that they could only give me morals and Chic jeans instead of a sense of entitlement and Gloria Vanderbelts like I wanted? Who wants stupid morals anyway?! Wisecraking earlier today, I threatened to marry a frail and decrepit billionaire a la Anna Nicole Smith but would do it better because I wouldn’t splurge my fortune on painkillers and tacky dresses. Maybe Anna’s not such a dumb bunny after all…..Naaahhh!

Girl #1’s side of the conversation to Girl #2: “I don’t want to be greedy and take the whole kit and caboodle. I’ll settle for just the kit or maybe even the caboodle. Hell, I’m sure I’d be fine with just the caboo. Oh, forget it. Just never mind. I don’t want it. You take it. No, really, I’ll be fine. Are you sure? Really? Gee, thanks!!!!”
Girl #1 seen scampering away with the whole kit and caboodle.

Girl #2 mumbles to herself: “Selfish b*tch.”

What is the lesson of today’s story?