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Sep 9, 2002

“Biff” is a model citizen. He loves his wife and his job. He has two lovely daughters whom he sent to an elite NY private school. Biff is the ideal husband and father. He really is. Really. He also happens to be an avid speaker phone user and deals, on a regular basis, with supermodels. Personally, if I were rich and famous paying for Biff’s very expensive time I would insist on being taken OFF speaker phone, but hey, that’s just me and I sho ain’t R&F. Biff is all business when talking with these ladies. He is a straight-talker, a bit long-winded, but tells it like it is. No B.S.

Biff, as straight and narrow as one can be, transforms when he talks to others about these models. Biff warps into a giddy school boy; his excitement barely contained as he makes sure to mention that there are nude photos of these models available online. Desire and delight drips from his every pore and it’s entirely beyond his control.

What I have learned: I should invest large sums of money in any company that produces testosterone based drugs, for testosterone is potent.