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>30 Rock on Location

>Living in Queens near Kaufman Astoria and Silvercup Studios means shooting sometimes goes on in streets or area businesses. Two weeks back, I had to snake my way through a film crew that was setting up shop outside a few businesses which I frequent on a near daily basis.

Ugly Betty & 30 Rock are two shows that have been in the neighborhood as of late so I assumed it would be one of the two. Sure enough, as I flipped through this week’s Entertainment Weekly’s Photo Issue there was a series of pictures with Tina Fey and her stand-in (shown in this photo) shooting scenes at a local check cashing place decorated for Christmas.

That happens to be the same dumpy spot where I buy money orders for My Jailed Deaf Dad since it’s right outside my subway stop and they cost only $0.69.

I don’t know why it tickles me so much, but it does. I cut out the photos to send to Dad and will hope that the other prisoners will let him watch the episode when it airs in December. Something tells me 30 Rock isn’t a top viewing choice for Texas inmates.

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