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Sep 23, 2002

Fantastic seats to a Rangers v. Flyers game at Madison Square Garden, a great fight, an exciting finish, beer, nachos and extra jalepenos. What could be better? Oh yeah, the $130 ticket was free! Thanks, Jack! I take back all the bad things I said about you. I look forward to many years of dutiful service in your command.

Between periods, the “Junior Rangers” entertained the crowd by zipping around and falling down a lot. These boys are so small, I’m surprised any parent would let their youngster play such a rough contact sport. There’s no way I would unless I invested in a very lucrative accidental death policy. “Well, Johnny, I don’t know where your helmet is. Oh, you don’t need one you little wuss, get out there and fight to win! Win dammit, win!” I could wear a team jersey and too-tight jeans, and scream profanities from the bleachers and taunt the other mothers. This hockey mom thing could be fun!!!