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Oct 16, 2002

Friends had an ugly naked guy that the cast all stared at with inquisitive disgust. I thought, “How absurd!” Then I moved to New York and thought, “Hmm, it could happen.” But I had still been denied the sheer marvel of seeing a nude human in plain sight. That was until Sunday. While working at Greg’s apartment, Scott, Greg & I were distracted by the sounds of a seemingly large group shouting in approximate unison. We made our way out on to the balcony (Yes, Greg has a balcony. Yes, I secretly hate him for it.) and witnessed a large demonstration of Islams marching in protest of the negative protayal of Islams in the media. Allah bless them for it, but it still a bit scary to be an unintentional witness to someone else’s passionate protest.

Greg’s remark “Nobody ever marches crosstown,” struck me funny for some reason. He also commented on what a stodgy neighborhood his is and that things like this never happen by his place. Hordes of inquisitive neighbors were gaping out of their windows and that’s when we saw him. In all his glory, my first Ugly Naked Guy was standing full monty with legs spread shoulder length. Greg saw him first and pointed him out to me. I stared for a few moments then shrieked, “I’ve got to get my camera!” He moved away before I could snap a pic of him. I would have loved sharing him with the world.