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Oct 24, 2002

I had drinks at the Rainbow Room Friday for Leslie’s birthday and let me tell you, I am po’. I felt so schlumpy and ugly in the midst of all that wealth. A cotton blend skirt from Limited sure looks cheap next to all the fine linens and polished silver and tuxedoed waitstaff. The view is breathtaking and my apple martini was $17, but as a Rockefeller Center employee I paid a mere $8.50 which is more appropriate given it’s size and strength.

Last night I convinced my boss he needed to take us there for drinks. He thought it was a great idea and we had a fun time listening to him being him. He enjoyed himself so much, I think it might be his new regular after work spot. Yeah! I love that place even if I look like the help. I left at 7:00 and passed Harvey Keitel downstairs…he was waiting for his car. Was he on Conan last night? I then headed towards Mischiko Rehearsal Studios to meet up with the cabaret performers and killed some time talking with Greg.

I brought up the topic of how dooce got fired for things she had written in her blog. I wondered if I’m putting myself at risk. The thing is, I love my boss. I think he’s hysterical and over-the-top and I’ll tell him so all the time. He’s very demanding, but in a good way. I love my job (dooce didn’t). I think (hope) that if he were to ever read my blog, that he wouldn’t mind being referenced since I don’t say anything on here that I have’t said to him already. So, Jack, if you’re reading this, you know I think you’re the best boss ever even if you are crazier than a goat in heat!

Real Life New York Quote of the Day:
“If you get paid, you represent them. That’s Jewish Law”