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Sliding Doors

Those moments when you “bump” into someone take so many random choices of the universe working in such a way that your path will inevitibly cross with someone else’s. It’s mind boggling really. Yesterday on the way to Serena to settle our party business and plan for next month’s Holiday Bash, I boarded the 1/9 heading downtown.

One stop later I heard a familiar voice say, “Nuh uh!”
“Oh my God, Greg Gorman!” I replied disbelievingly.

It is not so strange to think we could have run into each other. We were, after all, heading towards the same place. However, when looking at all the factors that had to have been “just so” in order for this to happen, it blows me away. I left work at the moment I did in order to board that specific train. Not only did I get on that train, but I entered the same car that Greg did and was in the same section of that car. What are the chances? You would think they were slim to none, but not in New York. Here, it happens ALL the time. Crazy!