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>Ooooohhwee! Today was windier than a bag full of buttholes.

Or, more properly, the weather conditions were not ideal for a photo shoot. Besides the extreme wind gusts it was quite chilly. I didn’t mind the cold, but Greg’s nose turned bright red fairly quickly. I do think we will have managed several decent shots as our photographer was a tried and true professional. We, however, will not see the fruit of his labor as his direction was to mail the undeveloped film directly to the Star Telegram. I’m sure they can brush out any errant hairs or the tears that were streaking down my face and tame Greg’s red nose. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will be kind and take the time to do just that.

My last minute shopping proved fruitless. I found nothing that was Texan in the least, but I managed to find a few white tops that might pair nicely with some ridiculously gawdy sequin pants I purchased off of Ebay. I’m sure I’ll never find the courage to wear these pants out in public, but they seemed so fun and sassy at the time. I’ve marked December 18th, the Holiday Bash being held at Serena, as their only chance for a debut. If I don’t wear them there, I won’t wear them anywhere.

As for today, I settled for some good old fashioned blue jeans and a sweater paired with a belt I snagged about a year ago and have never worn. It’s weathered orange leather with silver studs all around and a silver belt buckle that says “Texas” complete with an embossed armadillo, oil rig and wildflowers. It was so Texan, no one was the wiser that I bought it in Queens, New York at the Gap for $12.

We saw Edward Hibbert again , Susan Sullivan passed by our shoot and Chris Noth nearly ran me down.

Oh yeah, and I cut off all my hair.