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Billionaire Boys Club

I think I broke through some secret society of billionaire boys last night. My boss invited me to see boxing at his very exclusive athletic club with dinner and drinks beforehand with his long time friends. It was like members of The Firm all gathering for raucous time without the hassle of proper etiquette. Blue suits with striped ties all screaming encouragement to two young boys pummeling the shit out of each other. Not something I’ve seen before.

After a couple of glasses of wine, I also felt the liberty to tell my boss he was behaving like a two-year-old. In my own warped way, I meant it as a compliment. He didn’t see it my warped way. I tried to explain it as such and revised it by saying he was behaving like an eight-year-old. This did not work. Great. Just in time for my annual review, bonus and the holidays but it’s not like he’s the type to hold anything over you…oh no…not him…not him at all.