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Burn This

Burn This featured outstanding performances by Ty Burrell, Dallas Roberts and Peter Sarsgaard and a decent turn by Elisabeth Shue. Knowing that my good friend Jim adores Ms. Shue, I was disappointed that she didn’t blow me away. Marc found her performance to be well done, but the part as she played it wasn’t as compelling as the three men’s roles. In her defense, her character is the central figure and quite complicated. At three hours long (including a fifteen minute intermission), the ending was too far away for a Tuesday night. Also, I think the underlying plot line (men who die of AIDS without their families support…just like Dwayne) got lost in the revival. Overall, I enjoyed it and it was a very well spent $16. Yep, TDF did it again by providing professional theatre on the cheap.

Oh yeah, and Jake Gyllenhaal was there with his date, Kirsten Dunst. She was dressed very frumpily, so I took that as a sign that she was out on a casual date and didn’t expect to mingle with anyone. Because of this and the late time the play finished, we hightailed it home rather than chat with Jake. I’m sure Jake felt shunned and his ego was completely shattered. Sorry! Happy Thanksgiving!