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Cook Free or Die!

Later last night, Deborah and company went on to see “Rent” while I made my way to Siberia Bar. This place is a dive bar that used to be located in the subway station at 50th and Broadway (the only bar ever in New York’s history to have been located in the subway), but was recently booted by the Rockefeller Group. I made my way downstairs and plopped down on a very low, dirty couch to pass the time till my friends were out of their show.

There weren’t many people there so when Anthony Bourdain walk in with Tracy Westmoreland, owner of Siberia Bar, I immediately noticed. I threw all proper etiquette aside. This was going to be my exception to my rule of never asking for an autograph. I borrowed a pen and pulled out one of my business cards. I went up to the bar and ordered a Red Stripe, turned around and faced Anthony. I stuck out my hand which he immediately took in his and shook heartily. Here’s a summary of our conversation which was rather high energy and fast paced.

Me: “Hi, my name is Kambri, and I apologize for disturbing you. I have never asked anyone for an autograph, but I MUST ask you for my friend’s sake. He’s read every one of your books, he’s never missed any of your shows and we have you programmed in TiVo. He’s obssessed with you. In fact, I think he’s gay.”
(Hey, Marc wasn’t there, so it’s not like he would ever know, right?)
Anthony Bourdain: Smiling big and chuckling, “Hey Kambri…sure! Got a pen? What’s his name?”
Me: “It’s Marc with a “C” cuz he’s Jewish. He prepared monkfish tonight, how would you have prepared it?”
Anthony Bourdain: “Wrapped in bacon.” (Great answer!)

He introduced me to Tracy who offered to buy me a drink and the three of us chatted for a few minutes. Mostly I heard Anthony go on and on about how great Tracy was and how Tracy was his right hand man. Which prompted Tracy to show his penis for the camera which I hadn’t noticed before (the camera, that is) and didn’t realize was filming for a documentary. This stunt made Anthony go wild.

Anthony Bourdain: “You’ve got to respect a man who shows his penis on camera!”

That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

They were having a great time and were highly energetic. I thanked them both and called Marc right away. That’s when I realized I had my camera with me and didn’t even bother getting a picture. Duh! Oh well, I got this instead: “To Marc: (Picture of a butcher knife) Cook free or die. Anthony Bourdain.” He rocks!