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Dec 9, 2002

Yesterday was the last day for Deborah and friends to be in New York City. We met at the Duplex to see my friend Robby pound out the tunes on the piano and had a great time. Sunday night at the Duplex is show your underwear night, so everyone was asked to drop trou. Russell and Tom, extremely –nay, devoutly– heterosexual males, were great sports and gave all the gay males something to write home about. Russell was waiter and singer Kurt’s boy toy for much of the evening–this will be one image hard to erase.

Gospel of Jack 12:9
Today is my first day back in the office since last Wednesday. Jack screamed my name in agony and I answered, “Yes?” He replied, “THANK GOD YOU’RE BACK! Never in my whole life did I think I would be this happy to see one woman.”

Not one to pass up an opportunity during someone’s weak moment, I asked for a raise, a fur coat and an extra week vacation. I guess he forgives me as he informed me of my stellar annual review. Whew!