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Dec 23, 2002

So tonight is a big shindig at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth, Texas and I can’t be there but my partners will be. This is a 180 degree turn of the universe since they went to New York annually during high school and I couldn’t go because (a) I had no money (b) I always had to work in order to make money to have lunch money and buy my own school clothes. They would come back with soundtracks and sweatshirts from hot new Broadway shows like “Starlight Express” and “Les Miserables”. I would soak in every minute of every story they shared trying to re-live it as though I had been included. I hope this makes you feel sorry for me, because that’s solely my intent.

I do hope they have as much fun as we did on the 18th and take lots of pictures and laugh so hard their faces hurt. I gave Scott specific instructions on what to say:

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Thanks and have FUN at Billy Bob’s! It should be a blast. If anyone asks about me, which is highly unlikely, tell them I’m a filthy rich supermodel and have a PhD in Forensic Entomology and donate time and money to animal shelters and needy children in Africa and women in the Middle East…just don’t tell them I’m really selfish and don’t give any money to anything let alone gifts and time to children. But it is true, I AM a supermodel.