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Dec 26, 2012

“Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky.”

Speaking of Jews, I’ve been scouring the web for information on the customs of Chassidic Jews. There were several in the theater with us yesterday dressed in traditional garb, some wearing yarmulkes some streimels and all with sidecurls (tendrils to us layfolk sinner types or “payot” to P.C. folk). After the movie, they all rushed outside apparently because they were all jonesing for a cigarette and half of them started chatting on their cell phones.

I don’t get it. You aren’t allowed to cut the hair above your ears, but you can smoke cigarettes and use cell phones? Why hang on to all that white stocking and robe business from years past if you’re willing to forge into the future with modern day technology? And just how does this stuff get passed down for so many centuries without somebody standing up to ask why? I’m sure some rebellious teen has thwarted his parents wishes by cutting his hair, but then what? What’s at stake? Does he go to Hell now? Nope. Apparently Jews don’t believe in Hell. Is this true?!?! If so, I’m converting. Step aside my friend and let the sinning begin.