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The Morning After

Last night was officially a blast. No pig’s blood was dumped on me and I met at least six really excellent people that don’t stink. Turns out I live so close to Bob and Christian, we could have been playing with walkie talkies all this time. Sonofabitch. I’ve already bought some string and tin cans so we can play the telephone game. This is gonna be so much fun!

I woke up after four hours of sleep, showered, found myself to be having the most excellent hair day, met Greg for “breakfast” at the Westway Diner, and…now here’s the kicker…ordered HAM STEAK. Oh yeah! I’m not talking some flimsy piece of flesh hardly good enough for Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb they tend to serve here in these parts. Nuh uh. I’m talking 3/4″ thick Virginia ham steak heaven served up right with two eggs over easy, a pile of potatoes and two slices of toast. MMMmmm mmmm! I’m going there every single chance I get. Bless his heart, but a pig’s gotta die.**

**I’m actually an animal lover and was appalled at the senseless killing of the pig in “Carrie”. I do, however, wear leather, suede and fur and eat cow, chicken, fish, lamb, goat, and pig on a regular basis. Turtles, squirrels and ducks only on special occasions.