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Calling a Spade a Spade

Is it a sign that you talk too much when your entire family consists of deaf people and your nickname is still “Motor Mouth”?

Bridging the Gap Through Communication
I asked Marc to translate the following phrases for me to give Bob to say to her German interns:
Mein arsch spritz kartoffelsalat: My ass squirts potato salad.
Schwartze bergsteiger im kino: Black mountain climber in the movie theatre.
Zwei lowen mit drei grossen schwanz: Two lions with 3 giant cocks.

Later, Bob, TJ and I had fun mixing and matching phrases as we rehearsed pronunciation:
Mein arsch spritz drei grossen schwanz im kino: My ass sprays three giant cocks in the movie theatre.

I can’t wait to see if Germans will live in harmony with Bob after she tests her new linguistics.

Email exchange with a highly intelligent and super funky male:
Me: I drink too much, bite my nails, have a fu*ked up family and am really just poor white trash all made up nice.
Him: Stop. You had me at “I drink too much.”