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Jan 17, 2003

If you need great elevator conversation to break the awkward silence, then I’m your gal. Aching to meet a mysterious stranger but don’t have the guts, then it’s Kambri to the rescue. Have a death in the family, I’m out of there quicker than a hooker’s ten dollar trick.

I just saw Shelly for the first time since her mother died a few weeks ago. Christmas and New Years have passed since then so it was a while before I realized, “DOH! Her mom just died. Fuuuuuuccccccck!” I spent the next ten minutes trying to stutter and stammer my way out of the very delicate situation. I wanted to be sympathetic but am without the social graces necessary to pull off such a stunt. I just hate to see people in pain, especially people I hardly know. Shudder.

I cried during Chicken Run for fu*k’s sake. You’d think I could manage to muster up some emotion no matter how forced and awkward. Jeez. Take away my Girl Club Card before any real damage is done.