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Jan 22, 2003

I had a crappy day. Not the worst in history seeing as how I incurred no bodily harm and didn’t get arrested; but, crappy nonetheless, and the night’s still young. It was stupid stuff, like my boss yelling at everyone, including me, which never happens. Yell at me, that is. He always yells at other people. All day. Every day. He hates Mondays more than anyone I know, and a Tuesday after a holiday might as well be the apocalypse. Since I love math problems, I present an equation:

1 day of work + 1 yelling boss + 1 man dressed like Statue of Liberty hounding me 3 separate times = 4 miles of walking in -30 degree wind chill factor + 1 bad day.

I just wanted to slice somebody open. That is, until I got this.