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Feb 4, 2003

I really didn’t think I had much to share these last few days. Nothing seemed interesting, and I’m not nearly as clever as my friends and blog addictions. I was actually a bit bored with it all when I remembered some of my New York highlights since Sunday that would make my mom love and envy me despite my childlessness:

*At dinner, Joe Pantoliano trying to be cool in a nonchalant way. Yeah. With that get-up? Whatever;
**Swoosie Kurtz, also at dinner, looking so cutsie even though her show is closing any day now;
**The Today Show, Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue and all the frenzy.
**A book deal and movie deal closing;
**Drinks at The Plaza; and
**An all-access pass to the NYPD’s crime photos. Yee haw!

Pinch me. Hard. I must be dreaming!

Okay, so I wasn’t that thrilled about any of the above (except the last one on the above list), but I did clear the jam out of the copier, got somebody to go on a coffee run for me and got some Godiva twice without asking. I guess I could have stayed in Texas or Ohio if that’s all I wanted.

Okay, pinch me for real this time, because that last statement is just pure insanity.