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Feb 10, 2003

Bob and I went to Zanzibar on Friday for drinks and mingling with Jane and Ari and some other New York City bloggers. We showed up an hour after the festivities began and decided to have a drink and a bite to eat away from the crowd. Neither of us were quite ready to dive in to full party mode with a bunch of virtual strangers, especially without food in our bellies. It wasn’t long before a non-blog guy approached us. He had noticed name tags and wanted the scoop.

Him: “So, I’m with a group over there and I’m not part of your party or anything. I just wanted to know how you ladies know everyone?”
Me: “Oh, well, you’ve heard of the Amish, right? Well, we all used to be Amish but have since rejected the religion and culture and have formed a support group. You know, a network so we can lean on each other in times of need since our families are naturally not happy with us. But, tonight’s just for fun.”

He was a bit skeptical at first, but then I convinced him to scan the crowd and admit that, yes, we all “looked” Amish. Then he believed me. Bob and I couldn’t keep the straight face on for long and finally confessed our true purpose: to sell Amway.

I watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind last night, and I must say it was refreshing to see lots of gratuitous shots of Sam Rockwell’s bare butt as Chuck Barris and no female nudity, unwarranted or otherwise, whatsoever. Wow! What’s next? Equal pay for equal work? Oh, silly, that’s just Crazy talking.