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Feb 12, 2003

Scene: Flashbulbs popping, pretty people looking only slightly interested yet subtly posing for the potential photo op. Music deeply thump, thump, bum, bum, bowwomp, womp, womping deeper and deeper. Mesmerizing. Down the catwalk, in synch with every pounding of the bass, skinny mannequins strutting inside the clothing of Mr. Designer.

In one of those minutes while I watched the above scene play out, I suddenly felt an intoxicating sense of relief sweep through me. It was intense and overwhelming and took me by surprise. There, in the midst of all the silly indulgence, I felt for the first time that maybe, just maybe, I’ll never be that girl I once was. The one who operated out of fear and worried that one day she would wake up and find herself back where she started.

Oh, and the fashion? Stringy and shiny.