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Mar 4, 2003

My last two weeks have consisted of non-stop apartment hunting, shopping, moving and painting. I enlisted Scott to join me on a mission to select paint colors, since I’ve done so solo in the past with disastrous results. He was a trooper and agreed to forgo a night out with the boys in exchange for pizza, beer and hard labor with a girl who knew him when he wore dance shoes and homemade vests adorned with appliques and puff paint. God love him; I sure do.

For the living room, we chose “Good Vibrations”. I hope the name is indicative of what’s in store for my future, and I’m not talking back massagers. Oh, that reminds me! Add to the list: batteries. In the bedroom, “Cedar Key” was the hue, which says nothing really. We preferred the sexy moniker: “Girl on Taupe”. Before and after photos coming soon!