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Puppy Love

So Bob and I covered many topics last night that will remain between us girls. However I will share with you the brilliant idea resulting from our discussion of Paquita’s exceptionally high libido and how I’m not that good at discouraging her –ahem– rubbing. (Hey, she doesn’t have much in life, let her have that.)

That’s where the idea of Puppy Love™ was born. Puppy Love™ is made of the latest state of the art latex and feels like real flesh. Puppy Love™ comes in three shapes to satisfy every breed’s most hidden desire: Forearm Fantasy*, Leggy Lust**, Crawling Carousal***. For the low, low price of $19.95 (SRP) your pet can hump to its hearts content in the:

— kitchen;
— bathroom;
— car; and, let’s not forget…
— the bedroom (cue Barry White “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby”)!

while you’re too busy:

— cooking;
— pooping and peeing;
— driving;
— copulating; and,
— much, much more!

Simply mount Puppy Love™ using the handy adjustable straps (3 sets included****) and let your stud or bitch have his or her way. They’ll love you for it. Don’t leave your pet wanting more. Mount Puppy Love™ in every room.

*Bendable fingers for those special needs
**Specify male or female leg
***Specify infant or toddler size (recommended for dogs weighing more than 35 pounds for an additional $29.95)
****Extra straps $3.95 each.

Sorry, only available in the USA. Shipping and handling $4.95. Batteries not included.