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I mailed my payoff check for my car via overnight mail. I can’t describe the relief I feel. The burden has been lifted. Ever since I sold it a few weeks ago, I’ve been unstoppable — Task Mistress, Queens, New York. For so long I had been putting of the responsibility and the looming guilt and frustration paralyzed me. I’m $600 a month richer, but loads happier. Hell, look what I did to my kitchen in SIX hours! I never would have done that had my car still been collecting dust; because, if I weren’t doing something proactive to rid myself of it, then I certainly shouldn’t be doing anything.

So now, for the first time since I bought my first car at age 17, I am car(e)-free. I’m living in a City which caters to commuters and my wallet now understands why rents are higher here. It’s a lovely, lovely thing 24-hour, cheap public transportation. Now, if I could only face my Super and have him fix my tub.

It’s a Blog World, After All
Peter, of The Inside of My Head, promises a detailed entry on our small world happenings of today. I’ll be clicking refresh obsessively until I get the full report.