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>So, we’ve gotten lots of RSVPs for our upcoming party including some true VIPs. It’s hard to believe we’ve only been in business for little over a year and we’ve already had such great success, big and small. People are choosing to come to OUR party. Yeah, that same party that Liz Smith wrote about in her column a few days ago. I sometimes just guffaw out loud to myself at the thought. I just keep waiting to zip off my latex disguise and step out to declare, “You totally bought my act; just like Patrick Dempsey in that movie, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ or some Pepsi Twist commercial!”

The details of the event are now starting to weigh more on my mind. Last night was restless sleep during which I dreamt the party was at the Cuervo Nation but this time I was wearing more than a bikini and was chatting it up with Swoosie and her P.A. I hesitated to ask for a photo of the three of us. However, our photographer didn’t show, and I didn’t want to not have any photos for Page Six. I mean, really, you know they’re just dying to have a photo of me, Swoosie and her P.A. That’s sure to be picture of the year.