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Sean Paul was rehearsing for MTV’s VMA’s all day yesterday. The song was great the first time, fun the second time and really fu*king nauseating the third, fourth and fifth times.

This giant carousel is right outside my boss’s window. MTV’s Moonman sits atop and giant paper mache heads of different musical stars (Madonna, Britney Spears, etc.) serve as each decorative seat. Really fun to see.

The red carpet on which everyone will walk is in what normally is the Channel Gardens in Rockefeller Center. This means my lobby will serve as backstage again as it usually does for the Tree Lighting Ceremony. Incidentally, my law firm is the only tenant in our 6-story building. This means that we employees and our security guards are all on a first name basis…it’s not like working in a giant conglomerate where no one knows or cares who you are. This translates into lots of free (read: illegal) access. So, tomorrow should be a very interesting and hectic day. Pre-show red carpet coverage starts at 6:30 EST. The News circle (I’ll snap a pic tomorrow) is literally steps from my door, so for those watching the awards tonight, you’ll see my building and possibly me hovering in the background.

Oh and what’s all this talk about love and stuff from Monday’s post? I was talking pure, unadulterated public sex in bleachers! I told Christian we looked like we had our photo taken at Olan Mills, he said, “What’s Olan Mills?” ACK! I promise to show you and you will know. Feathered bangs, missing teeth, Mom’s oversized tinted glasses permanently staring back into me. I shudder at the thought.