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>Yesterday in Astoria Park playing frisbee with Zach, Chris, Eric and Nathan had given shape to what should have been a great holiday weekend. Overnight, clouds and rain came and pissed all that goodness away.

I still ventured to Grand Central Terminal, boarded a train for Connecticut and hoped that somehow it would get brighter, better, warmer. No. It was a soggy, cold day with a bunch of comics and not enough beer to ease the pain of immense boredom. Staring at the ocean and feeling the crocheted bikini rubbing against my bottom made it all the worse. That is until I got locked in the bathroom and had to climb out a window towards freedom. Yeah. Luckily I don’t get embarrased easily or I may have snuck out and hitched a ride back to the train station. Instead I sat down and watched the home owner jiggle and wiggle the lock for a good 20 minutes till the thing finally sprung open.

It was nice, though, to hear stories of a certain feature film that just wrapped production, New York real estate woes and emergency organ removal. The burgers were tasty and the hosts incredibly hospitable. I only wish yesterday and today could have copulated — they would have made a perfect baby.