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Update: Bathroom lock fixed, bathroom faucet fixed (only $60!), floors mopped, toilet scrubbed, worker’s comp & disability insurance renewed for 2015-2016, first annual tax return filed, payroll processed, inventory done, bank deposit made, fresh pastries & sandwiches in stock, food & beverage orders placed and new desserts added to inventory.

A/C chilling the place to a cool 71 degrees and I’m ready for two shows tonight.


I slept more hours in the last 72 than I have all month. It’s rejuvenating and I immediately went into pitching and producing mode. I’m excited about what this means for year two of QED.Yes, I’m aware I’m writing this at 4am, and I can’t sleep from all the worries. But now, instead of just anxiety and the fear of the unknown, my creative juices are flowing again. A very nice awakening.