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>Friday night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart correspondent Ed Helms appeared in Sweet Paprika which, incidentally, got a Gawker plug and also got a nice write up. Read the full review here.

Sadly, I missed the show as I was with Christian Finnegan, Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding, to you), Nick from the Apprentice and countless other “where do I know that guy” type “stars” trying to convince college program directors to hire my clients. It was fun, but I am exhausted to the core. I simply cannot keep up with the youngens any more!

Or maybe I’m just burning the candle at both ends, since I can’t seem to say “no” to an invitation. Tomorrow is a book party, Tuesday is Sob Stories, Wednesday I clean house because on Thursday my MOM IS COMING TO VISIT!!! Then Friday we have lunch with Jack and an art gallery opening, Saturday cocktails & pottery, and the list goes on.


I simply couldn’t tell her “no”!