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>Yesterday was quite possibly the worst weather day a tourist could ask for. My mom was a trooper, though, and lingered outside the Today Show for an hour hoping to be caught on camera. She wasn’t. She wandered through St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center before calling to see if there was a place she could go sit down and read — it was simply too cold, wet and windy.

After a lunch at Stardust Diner — trying to think over the voices of the waitstaff singing such tunes as New York, New York and Hopelessly Devoted to You — she took in Bridget Jones’ Diary: The Edge of Reason. Knowing she was tucked away in the safety and warmth of the 42nd Street AMC, I returned to my office and got zero work done.

After her movie, Christian and I met her at Chevy’s for a quick munch and cocktail before we headed over to a private art showing at an apartment on the 40th floor (below the penthouse) at The Strand featuring the work of Donald Scalea and Julia Briggs.

Their work was almost overshadowed by what is quite possibly the most amazing view in all of New York City. Don’t believe me? Well, Christian has lived here for over 13 years and insisted he had never seen anything like it.

Christian bought a piece from Julia (pictured) which now rests comfortably on my breakfast nook.


Isn’t she lovely?