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>Beavers Make Dam Out of Stolen Money.

Since Friday, the weather has been splendid for my mom’s visit. We spent much of yesterday at Carl Schurz Park viewing the sign language scultures of Dorothy Frankel, watching Paquita anxiously watch the dogs in the small dog run (she was so nervous, she drooled and vomited!), and checking out Gracie Mansion.

Afterwards, we took a trek to NYU in the East Village where this Spring I will be taking a class. My mom was too tired to continue to Tompkins Square, so we headed home for the night and watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on cable.

Tonight is Eating It at Luna Lounge where Christian will reprise his hilarious We Are the World sketch as part of their special musical themed show which will also feature Peggy Lee. I cannot recommend it enough. Here is a photo from the last time he performed it: