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>I sent my mom home this morning, so it’s back to a regular schedule again. I’ll miss her, but I won’t miss how exhausted I was am.

Some of the unique experiences she had include:

— Watching the red carpet arrivals for Christmas with the Kranks which premiered outside my door at Radio City Music Hall.

— Being a part of the Today Show plaza crowd.

— Going to a private art showing featuring the work of Julia Briggs & Donald Scalea at the most awesome apartment ever.

— Getting called up on stage by Christian Finnegan.

— Having cocktails at the chi-chi SoHo Grand where Paquita is allowed to dine.

— Having some woman on 49th Street put her two blue and gold macaws on my mom’s shoulders and take a photo.

— Watching Seth Herzog (or rather his silhouette) dance naked behind a sheet and seeing his ding-a-ling (her words) dangle a little too low to be concealed.

Regarding the latter, she approached Seth after the show and told him how much she enjoyed his *ahem* performance and that she saw his ding-a-ling. His response, “I did it just for you.”


Thanks, Seth! You made her day!