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>Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of AM New York. I’d never even heard of it till about three months ago when suddenly Metro NY & AM New York began dueling all over town. I’ll be going to their invitation only shindig at Spirt DJ’d by Paul Sevigny. I’m going solo. This could be fun or an absolute disaster. Stay tuned.

No lie, I actually prefer AM New York because they edit their own event listings whereas Metro NY simply publishes the daily picks as chosen by Time Out NY. Time Out NY is great. I’ll buy my own copy of Time Out NY. Give me something else, Metro. Something Time Out NY may have missed due to its publishing deadlines.

Afterwards, I’ll be heading to the Kraine Theater to partake in two shows for $10. One is written by Bob Powers and features Allison Castillo, the other is by Andres DuBouchet and features Anthony DeVito.


Who could ask for anything more?