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>Yes, it is true, I haven’t written much and what I do write is about my company, company related events, company clients, and generally non-funny/interesting/insightful stuff. That’s because these days I pretty much think, sleep, breathe, eat & drink Ballyhoo Promotions and my clients — in Christian’s case he gets the literal benefit of my insane devotion.

The good news is, it has paid off. I have gone from an Oprahesque Light Bulb Moment to chats over dinners and drinks with friends and confidantes through Fall and Winter 2003, to purchasing domain name in January 2004, designing the site and getting my first paying client in February 2004, to a whole slew of projects and clients and press too numerous for the agonized reader to endure even in a re-cap.

Since that light bulb moment, I have gradually segued this site into a less humorous, more professional (?) insight into my bubble just in case a random Google search for me or my clients finds them to this page, which happens an insane amount. During any given day, I receive about 20 hits for my name spelled correctly and a gazillion for Christian, Sob Stories, Ophira & Allison, Sweet Paprika, Jest and the list goes on. So naturally I might be a bit mortified if said Googler found themselves here during the day I posted this, or this, or this. Hardly worth the risk. I’m not getting paid to be crass or insightful or provide a chuckle to one or two readers. But I am getting paid to work my arse to the bone getting press and producing events for those who do get paid to be & do all those things.

Blah, blah, blah, I’m sorry I’m not remotely funny or interesting anymore! I miss it, too, but I don’t know that it will ever change given how amazing my business is and how damned busy I am.

Since my new old habit will die hard, here’s a link to a really awesome article in today’s Time Out NY.

Oh, wait, here’s something: I just got over a bout of food poisoning! I lost 7 pounds in less than two days. That is unfathomable for someone my size. I’m sure it was all water, though, as my clothes fit pretty much the same. I keep waiting for the number on the scale to go back up since I started eating again. I’m all better now, though, and will be heading to DC to join Christian for a sickness free bathroom, some comedy at the DCImprov and some tourism of our nation’s capitol.


Actually that third post linked above is kinda funny. I might reconsider.