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>Last night at Marion’s was a delightful treat all thanks to Rachel a/k/a Rachelpink. She and I imbibed a bit and munched a little and talked a lot. She’s such an easy person to communicate with and that’s a trait cannot be over-valued or emphasized. Hours fly by like minutes.

We briefly chatted about an idea I have for a book – she being in the book biz, and all – which she didn’t totally hate. So, my next task is to put together a formal book proposal and officially submit it to a publisher. Could this mean that one of my top five goals for 2005 could actually get checked off before the end of the first quarter? Not one to count my chickens before they hatch, I’ll believe it when I see it. But I’m knocking on a huge chunk o’ wood.

Meanwhile, we’ll be working on a project together which you’ll be sick of hearing about soon.

In other news, the guys were profiled in The New Yorker. When I say “profiled”, I mean a glowing six page feature about their rise to the top, their website, their t-shirt business and, oh, did I mention they’re only 23? Read it.


Ten years their senior and I aspire to reach their level.