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>The Clip Joint last night was another rousing success. Judy Gold was typically funny in an abrasive way, Ed Helms performed a funny bit in which he read messages from The Daily Show’s fan message boards debating on whether or not Ed is gay. I skipped out on Rob Riggle and surprise guests Rob Huebel & Paul Scheer so that Katie (a lovely Jest intern) and I could start passing out magazines and subscription offers. Don’t miss the next one on February 16th at The Improv. Colin Quinn will be headlining and 100% of the income will, once again, go to charity.

I had a nice pre-show dinner at Bread Tribeca, a place where I am anxious to re-visit without an agenda. It seems like every meal I have lately, is business related. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but it does encroach on the overall enjoyment of a meal.

In the midst of all this new business I’ve drummed up, I am managing to purge my closet, visit the dentist (one cavity and two old fillings to be replaced), and view new apartments. Once I find a new dwelling, the real work will begin.


And I will delegate to my intern!