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>Emporio Armani was packed with the glamorous swathed in riches and imbibing on abundant free booze. Invited by the lovely Syl Tang of Hipguide, I accepted the opportunity to mingle and get to know her. Unfortunately, people weren’t in the mingling mood. It was more a “stand here and see who notices me” crowd. We managed to ease our way out after about 45 minutes of standing there and hardly getting noticed and headed over to the grand opening of PS450.

The owners were gracious and the space is lovely and the crowd was much more social. Unfortunately, this included a few overly drunk men one who kept grabbing my arm and once declared in a heavy accent, “I am from Israel. Why do you want to talk with those people when you could be here with me? You should be a model. Come to my agency tomorrow.”

Yeah. I’ll be there. Does anyone fall for that line other than the women who really should be models?

But, yeah, lovely space and great service from the entire staff.

[Photos from the evening courtesy of Joonbug.]