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>I attended the closing of Barry Katz‘s Boston Comedy Club last night which was followed by a roast of sorts. In his “set,” Ben Bailey said, “I made out with Sarah Silverman on this stage.”

Host Rich Vos returned to the podium and snarked, “Sure, you made out with Sarah Silverman … right after she sucked my cock.”

Ben retorted, “I thought I tasted hack.”

The roof came off the place!

Drunk Dialing 311
On the way home, I drunk dialed 311 to report a guy in a yellow Hummer driving while talking on his cell phone. Leon, the 311 operator, said they wouldn’t do anything unless the offender was endangering other people. “His driving a HUMMER, Leon! Do you know how much fuel that uses? That’s endangering all of our lives,” I slurred. Christian recorded it on his new phone/blackberry thingy and played it back for me later. I wasted NYC resources. I’m sorry. But if you see a ridiculous yellow Hummer with the license plate DBB 2520, citizen arrest that jackass.

Hummers are ridiculous.