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>Christian performed his last show in Atlanta last night and after saying his goodbyes at the club, promptly returned to his hotel room. With a 5:30 wake up call for an early flight home, he wanted to say good night to me then hit the sack. While we were chatting, his hotel phone rang. Thinking it was the club, he answered and said he’d call me right back. Two seconds later, with a weird tone in his voice he said, “It was some girl who wanted to give me a t-shirt.” Wha?! This girl watched the show and Christian mentioned a performer. She drove home got said performer’s t-shirt for him, drove back to the club and seeing he wasn’t there, called his hotel who then patched her through! *%$^#@

How did she know where he was staying, you ask?
He happened to mention it while on stage.

We go back and forth about how fu*ked up that is, was she friends with a waitress maybe, that he should not tell the name of the real hotel on stage, etc. Then…

Knock, knock, knock.

Luckily it was just the desk clerk who delivered the t-shirt she left with them with a note with her email address. But, wow, how aggressive and crazy especially at 11:45 on a Sunday night!

The hotel clearly isn’t following post-9/11 security measures!