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A Chronicle of Last Night’s Events and Then Some Ranting

6:27 PM — I left my office at just in time to get caught in a thunderous, torrential rain. Most (smart) people were standing under shelters or in buildings. Not me. I was walking to the subway on to an open bar party at The Cellar hosted by the Onion. Neither rain nor snow not heat or gloom of night stays this consumer from the swift completion of swilling my appointed free Bass.

6:32 PM — Once safely tucked away in the 49th Street station, I sat down on a bench and wrung my pants. Twisted them till lots of water poured out. So much so that a man actually stopped, pointed and laughed incredulously.

8:56 PM – The keg was tapped. I headed to the Boston Comedy Club for a fundraiser being held on behalf of Kevin Knox. Here’s what I said about it on Christian’s calendar:

Boston comic Kevin Knox has recently been fighting lymph node cancer and is seeking treatment not covered by his insurance. Come out and help Kevin pay his medicals bills with laughter…it is the best medicine, after all. [Sorry.]

9:11 PM – I arrived at the club. Four people were there. Two from Germany, two from France. They didn’t know Kevin. They did know English. For some reason, the show was not canceled. The host began his set talking to the four people. An annoyed Dustin Chafin, comic & manager of the club, breezed through and said loudly:

You’re really helping out your friend!

Ouch. I napped on a bench till Christian finished his set.

9:35 PM – My pants were officially dried.

9:46 PM – Extra large fries purchased at McDonald’s.

9:52 PM – Christian and I cabbed it to 40/40 Club for a private birthday party in the Jay-Z Lounge (read the linked review). Don’t go there. EVER. Unless, of course, you like the possiblity of getting raped in the co-ed bathroom or having blaring hip hop play as you snort coke off a table before sipping a $17 drink. I wish I were joking.

10:30 PM – Finally received the first drink of the evening. Christian had a Jack & Coke (which was not Jack & Coke, but he drank it anyway) and I had Pinot Grigio. Tally: $31.

11:37 PM – We finish our drinks and walk out annoyed that we wasted one hour and thirty-seven minutes of our lives in that ridiculous place. On our way out, the door swings open to a different private room just in time for us to see a woman snorting a line of coke.

11:55 PM – Our cab ride home is complete. Tally: $15. Not enough for a drink at 40/40.

What’s in a Name?
Remember the One 2 One Living magazine article I mentioned in the Ballyhoo Promotions Newsletter? Well some of you may have noticed that they refer to Christian as “Chris” in the graphics. No where, ever, do I or he refer to Christian as “Chris.” Who does that? Especially in the entertainment biz. After all, there is a Chris Finnegan on IMDB. They actually had his name as “Chris” all throughout originally until I sent them an email correcting their mistake. The editor wrote me back:

Dear Cambris,

Are you fucking kidding me?

Pet Peeve
When someone you report to (boss, client, person of some authority, whatever) asks you a question. Then later they ask someone else the same question. Are they checking your honesty? Doubting your knowledge? Mistrusting your judgment? Just a big jackhole moron?