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>A Little Something I Wrote

>Glamour Magazine recently held a contest asking readers to submit “The Story of Your Life” in 3,000 words or less. Here is my entry.


I wrote it at a frenzied pace in order to meet the deadline. In about two days I had a decent rough draft, but had to scramble to find an ending. I did, but I would have liked to have made it more fleshed out. I think it’s a good jumping off point, however, to writing a really awesome play, screenplay, one woman show, book, something, anything. So many juicy stories had to get dropped in order to stay under the word limit, but I have a decent skeleton on which to add meat.

I had it hand delivered the day of the deadline along with the requested self-addressed stamped envelope so they could inform the entrant of receipt of their entry. That was nearly one month ago and I haven’t received my confirmation. So, I present it to you.


The story of the four lesbians dressed as the members of Kiss will have to wait.