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>Ah, the 80s

>I just sent an email to my dear friend and business partner, Scott, with the subject line “URGENT” that read: “Give me $1,000,000 in small bills or else this will be on the front page of the NY Post tomorrow!”

Here’s how we look today. We’ve aged well, I’d say.

I found some other fun pictures which I’ll share soon. My mom kept every single negative ever, it seems. So I was able to recover photos that have disappeared over the years, including a few choice ones of a fun looking pot party. Pot as in marijuana. My dad is so baked in one picture his eyes are merely slits. The good old days. According to him he can get a one hitter of weed in jail for $5.00. He said it’s not worth it. Too expensive for too little and he says he’s done with drugs.

I’m off to see The New World. Meanwhile, check out this very brief mention of Christian in Rolling Stone.