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>All Good (?*) Things Must Come to an End

>So today is the final episode Tough Crowd w/Colin Quinn. I’ll be going to the taping and after party for all former guests and crew and friends of Colin. Not sure how much of a celebration it will be with such a dark cloud above us: a main source of income being shuttered and the country divided more fiercely than I’ve ever imagined it could be in my lifetime, in this modern age. If anything, it will be filled with lively discussion. Watch it on Comedy Central tonight at 11:00/10:00 EST/CST.

Here’s a sneak peak on tomorrow’s episode of Best Week Ever on VH1:

Christian Finnegan on Matthew McConaughey befriending a ghost in his house by walking around nude, “See, they both have nicknames for each other. Matthew McConaughey calls the ghost Madame Blue. And since he walks around in the nude all day, she calls him Lefty.”


*I guess if it were good, it wouldn’t end…well, yes it would, since nothing lasts forever.