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>I had just finished reading “Girbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir” (good, quick read, drummed up lots of memories of my junior high and high school days of partying on the edge) the night we flew to Ft. Lauderdale and decided to finally begin reading “The Alienist,” a book Christian bought me years ago convinced I would love it.

Set in 1896 New York City, “The Alienist” is about the search for a serial killer using the then unheard of method of profiling and other forensic tools. These days I’m all about non-fiction, biographies and memoirs, so I hesitated picking it up all this time. The book always seemed impossibly long and a fictional piece –historical to boot — just wasn’t up my alley. But lordy am I glad Christian “stole” the next book on my list – “Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” – so I finally picked up “The Alienist”. Having nothing to do in Ft. Lauderdale besides sleep in and lounge around (ah, the life!) I sped through the 600 page book in two days. It was riveting. And being a historical fiction, there were lots of factual references that piqued my interest about the history of this City. Anyway, I highly recommend it and will gladly loan you my copy.