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>Ambition or Desperation?

>Am I really ambitious or just propelled by a desperate attempt to never have days like today? Schlepping dirty panties in the rain to the laundromat past packs of hoodlums, loose garbage and graffiti seemed to be motivation enough. Did I need to then be faced with 10 dryers marked “out of order” with the remaining 8 fully occupied with 30 plus minutes left on each to make sure that I try harder at getting new clients for Ballyhoo Promotions? No, not really, but it worked.

I came home angry that at nearly 33 years of age I have to use a laundromat and kicked it into gear. I organized the hell out of my inbox, filing cabinet, closet, junk drawer, panty drawer, sock drawer, under the drawer, behind the drawer, behind the dresser, beneath the bed, blah, blah, blah.

Then those aforementioned hoodlums started burning the aforementioned loose garbage and used a bat to propel burning masses of trash through the air and all that aforementioned organization looked so blurry through tears. So, I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk, drank two beers and watched some mindless reality television show. But my drawers are clean. All of them.


I will afford drop off laundry service one day. Mark my words!