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>For our 4th of July holiday, I recruited Christian into participating in StoryCorps, “a national project to instruct and inspire people to record each others’ stories in sound.”

I will interview Christian about his younger brother Bobby who died five years ago this July 14th and Christian will interview me about (what else?) growing up in a tin shed with my deaf parents and visiting Dad in jail.

Yesterday, I gave our spare keys back to Chuck in anticipation of him and Rachel looking after Paquita during my & Christian’s upcoming trip to the DC Improv to record Christian’s debut CD for Comedy Central Records. Chuck asked how we planned on spending today and I let him know about our little field trip to record our slice of Americana. He looked genuinely disappointed that we wouldn’t be BBQing and boozing so I threw in, “Then we’re totally gonna get stoned and watch the fireworks from our fire escape.”

True or not, I can’t believe how I instantly caved in to the ittiest bit of wanting to be cool! Damn peer pressure! Regardless, I am genuinely looking forward to the StoryCorps experience.