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>And I’d Like to Thank My Agent and …

>Thank you to everyone who came out to last night’s most hilarious comedy show ever produced in such a short time with such awesome prizes. The horrible humidity and always threatening thunderstorm had me worried, but the turnout was terrific and we raised lots of cold hard cash for the Red Cross and those affected by that bitch Katrina. Counting my chickens: I’ll *probably* have a corporate sponsor match all the money collected. I’m hopeful.

Download the program beautifully designed by Anthony DeVito.

Susie Felber (right) hosted the entire evening and proved, once again, that she should be host of her own variety show. Besides being hilarious, she is also very adept at keeping a great flow and she skillfully managed the raffle as well.

Co-producer and Ballyhoo Promotions‘ client Anthony DeVito was first up and had his best set that I’ve ever seen. He killed the enthusiastic crowd with his bitter retelling of being an Italian from Brooklyn trying to get acting gigs that don’t typcast him as a Soprano-type. Spot on.

Shayna Ferm is adorable. Her musical comedy stylings added that extra variety for the show that I had hoped for. She performed three songs, including the crowd favorite “Come On, Me!” Book her.

I think the highlight, for me anyway, was the condensed version of the normally 90 minute Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!! The ensemble group (pictured below), led by Ballyhoo Promotions‘ client Andres du Bouchet, managed to fit in every single aspect of the show (opening monologue with silly bits, two inventions, two stand up comedians {in this case, though, the “comedians” were caricatures of A-typical comics like the ‘alternative mysoginist’ and the ‘knock knock comic’ both protrayed by Mike Birch) and, of course, a game) in 20 of the most hilarious laugh-filled minutes. You can see their full-length show every Tuesday at 8:00 at Rififi. You really should, too. These guys never cease to amaze me with their infinite creativity of truly amazing inventions and off-the-wall characters, impersonations and sketches.

Cast of Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!!
From L to R: Mark Douglas, Andres du Bouchet, Mike Birch,
Rob Gorden & Michael Reisman (not pictured: Jonny Fido)

Rounding out the show was my favorite comedian Christian Finnegan (pictured with Shayna Ferm). He pulled out some old stuff, some relatively newer stuff and some stuff about ipods that, I swear, he had written last night and went over very well! Amazing how he does that. He will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning around 7:30 (give or take) and is out right now doing a quick spot to say out loud some of the jokes he just wrote this afternoon in anticipation of the show. He’s a machine. A very talented and giving machine.

Also, big thanks so much to my friend Bob of A Girl Named Bob for running the box office and helping fold the programs. She ended up winning a prize which made me so happy considering she actually paid admission and bought $10 worth of raffle prizes even though she worked! So awesome!

Finally, I owe so many people thank you cards and drinks and such for coming through on the most amazing raffle prizes as well as their support. Zowie, knowing how great this event was in such a short time makes me want to call in Colin‘s big favor he now owes me and have one knock down, drag out, huge ass benefit for all the animals now displaced, injured, sick and suffering from that aforementioned bitch Katrina. By then, maybe I’ll have an employee so Bob can just hang out, my pals don’t have to lug gifts (thanks Rachel & Anne) and I don’t have to fold programs and all the other silly tasks I did instead of drinking at the bar with the theater owner Dennis.

Who am I kidding? I love those silly tasks.