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>Another "Only in New York" Story for Cindy Adams

>Christian tucked me into bed and as he walked out of the room said, “What crazy lives we lead. You left my television taping to go meet an acclaimed author at a private party where you ran into your friend who created the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

He’s right, but it’s so much weirder than that. So, get this:

Fabulous writer Rachel Kramer Bussel (Village Voice “Lusty Lady” columnist, Penthouse) and I arranged to meet in front of the Players Club where we were attending Elle Magazine’s celebration awarding authors Jeannette Walls (The Glass Castle and pictured R w/Rachel) and Elizabeth Kostova (The Historian) with their 2005 Readers’ Prize awards.

While Rachel and I were chatting on the sidewalk I notice my friend Andy Borowitz (The Borowitz Report & creator of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) heading inside. I ask if he’s there for Jeannette’s party. Why, no, he’s not. He is a member of the club and is there to have a drink, but coincidentally he knows Jeannette well and will stop by to congratulate her.

Then a loud boom is heard behind us. A woman exiting a cab struck a pizza delivery man on his bicycle. The stunned woman pays her fare and exits the taxi. “Katie?” Andy asked. Turns out, the woman is a good friend of Andy.

Crazy, right? After cocktails, speeches and readings by both authors, I headed back to the Supper Club to re-join the in-progress taping of TVLand’s Game Time where my boyfriend/client Christian Finnegan is hosting a game show where David Cassidy is playing ping pong with two contestants and Big Foot portrayed by the dude who plays King in the new Burger King commercials.


The deliveryman was shaken but unscathed.