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>Anyone Have LexisNexis?

>Thanks to the eagle-eyed Stacy (who I just happily met at the Laff Stop in Houston), we know the name of the murdered bartender from Conroe that my mom silently wondered if My Jailed Deaf Dad killed. Stacy actually found the info through the very link I provided in my earlier entry:

Anyone know how I might research such a thing? I Googled 2854 San Jacinto River Murdered but it yielded other results. The possible hit & run is too broad to even begin a search.

Turns out that link wasn’t useless. Third result down is this site. You have to scroll down the very bottom before coming across an article from the 6/25/85 Houston Chronicle that includes this excerpt:

Eason said his office is also investigating whether Ward could have been involved in the strangulation of a Conroe barmaid in September. The body of Brenda Maureen Hackett, 25, was found under a railroad trestle near FM 2854 by a train conductor. Hackett had been sexually assaulted before she was strangled with a stocking.

So there it is. Pretty much exactly as Mom remembered minus the San Jacinto River part since the SJR doesn’t actually run under that bridge or road that I can tell. The “Ward” in the article was a man who was suspected in her murder but killed himself in Las Vegas. According to my Mom, though, Hackett’s ex-husband from California was charged.

So, I feel confident* that the police investigated the matter thoroughly enough to have excluded Ward and pinned it on the Ex Mr. Hackett. Dad just happened to know her.


*I’ve watched too many shows about wrongly convicted men. I still sure would like to see the case file. Is LexisNexis the answer?