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>At the Movies

>I’ve had my first day with no appointment, no work and no more dentist visits so I’ve turned off my phone, typed only essential emails and relaxed!

Yesterday Paquita & I spent the bulk of our day lounging on the grass in Central Park where I read every backed up New Yorker, New York and InStyle magazine and wrote a letter to My Jailed Deaf Dad. We then walked all throughout the park before a late afternoon lunch date at my favorite outdoor dining restaurant in Midtown, Brasserie Centrale where every tourist snapped her photo and manhandled her. She’s still sleeping, that’s how beat she is.

This morning, I caught the first showing of Devil Wears Prada and loved it. Stanley Tucci & Meryl Streep are superb. Beforehand they showed a preview of Running With Scissors, a movie based on the memoir by Augusten Burroughs, a book I recently read and enjoyed so thoroughly that Monica loaned me her copy of his follow up novel Dry. I am bound to be disappointed by the movie version no matter how wonderful it is. I envisioned entirely different creatures than those cast and the book & its characters are imprinted too deeply in my mind to relinquish myself to someone else’s conception.

Alternately, I read DWP on the beach two summers ago in Turks & Caicos and, though I enjoyed it, it didn’t move me. Didn’t touch me. It’s chick lit, extra light fare about fashion, fergodsake. Until Christian bought me a Coach bag, I’ve never owned a designer anything. So, two years later and about a topic (fashion) in which I am neither knowledgeable or invested, I was able to recline comfortably in the conditioned air with my two bags of smuggled M&Ms and Dr. Pepper and simply enjoy the light hearted, inconsequential entertainment on the big screen.

I’m now 2/3 of the way my third attempt at watching The English Patient. I really should have seen this in the theater because everyone I know loves this movie but watching it at home blows.